Investment Solutions Group

Hartland has developed an approach for small and medium sized not-for-profit institutions. The Hartland approach, called Investment Solutions Group (“ISG”), is for smaller institutions that want a best-in-class, institutional investment program for a competitive fee. The Hartland research portfolio includes allocation to all asset classes: US Equities, International Equities, Fixed Income, and Alternative Investments.

ISG targets exactly what smaller institutions need: Leadership regarding fiduciary best practices, tailored investment policy and allocation, sound governance and oversight, a sophisticated yet simple portfolio, competitive results, low cost, proactive and attentive service

The ISG consulting team works directly with our clients while also participating on committees within Hartland’s multi-step investment research process – the Investment Research Committee, Asset Allocation Committee and the Investment Solutions Group. That high level of involvement ensures ISG clients receive the firm’s best thinking, which we consider to be a unique quality of our firm.

Anthony Saracusa is a Director with Hartland and leads the Investment Solutions Consulting Group. For more information about ISG you can contact Anthony here and find articles authored by Anthony here


“Technology is more about how people interact with it than the hardware or software itself. We use technology so our professionals can develop recommendations and provide appropriate information and solutions for our clients.”

  – Dennis M. Kasper