Hartland’s Investment Philosophy

We seek to meet our clients’ investment objectives with appropriate risk and in a low-cost manner. Once this has been achieved, we seek superior returns compared to client-specific, market-based and peer group benchmarks. We believe broad diversification reduces portfolio volatility and enhances the opportunity for superior risk-adjusted returns.

Broad diversification comes from allocating investments among different asset classes – fixed income, equity and alternative. Asset class allocation can be enhanced through the prudent use of passive strategies and the skillful use of active strategies of marketable and alternative assets.

We believe integrating the investment process with client priorities – time horizons, spending needs, regulatory constraints, beliefs and culture – is essential to achieving optimal returns.

Hartland is an independent firm and objective in its process to select strategies for marketable and alternative assets. The firm does not share compensation with any investment manager or third party of any kind. We believe our independence is central to objective and effective advice for our clients.

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“Alternative investments are an integral part of client investment programs. Hartland has a 20-year history of research into Alternatives.”

  – Joseph D. Boushelle, CFA, CAIA