HEELS (Hartland Empowers Exceptional Ladies)

HEELS was launched in 2015 by Tina Sterrett and Satricia Rice, Senior Managing Directors and Shareholders of the firm. The vision they share is to drive the success of women by empowering them at every level.

The four main strategies of HEELS are:

  • To commit resources to develop the talent and leadership of women.
  • To provide network opportunities both internally and externally, where women can connect with other women to further their professional and personal objectives.
  • To foster an environment of support and mentoring that allows every woman to reach her full potential
  • We believe women are exceptional and we will not be content with average.

The Mission of HEELS

The mission of HEELS is to recruit, retain, and develop the women of Hartland through education, support, mentoring, leadership training, and networking opportunities. HEELS strives to drive the success of Hartland by empowering women at every level of the firm.

“The financial industry is not known for being female-friendly. We want Hartland to be different. We want Hartland to be exceptional.”

  - Satricia A. Rice